Mercury and Health in Malaysia


WE International was called upon to assist Malaysia’s Ministry of Health in strengthening its mercury control program. The legally binding Minamata Convention on Mercury entered into force in 2017.

Countries that are party to the Convention are bound to implement a range of measures to significantly reduce human exposure to mercury which is highly toxic to humans and harmful to the environment even at very low concentrations.

malaysia2.jpgWE International supported Malaysia’s MOH in taking stock of its current mercury control measures across many programs: medical devices, hospital services, dentistry, pharmaceutical services, food safety, and environmental health including waste management, medical research and health education.

WE International’s analysis showed how many of the MOH’s existing measures already provide strong protection of human health and the environment.

Actions needed to strengthen MOH compliance with the Minamata Convention were identified and recommended.

The Ministry is now in the process of implementing the recommendations in order to achieve a higher level of health and environment protection. (For more information, contact WE International’s Managing Director, Terrence Thompson:

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