Health Care Waste Management in Lao PDR


General waste generated in hospitals, health centers and other health care settings can become hazardous when poor in-house management practices result in the mixing of general waste with infectious materials, sharps, or toxic chemical waste.

Poor management practices put patients, health care workers and the general public at risk for exposure to hazardous waste.

WE International supported the Ministry of Health in Lao PDR to improve waste management in central and provincial hospitals through on-site assessments and training of hospital staff.




Emphasis was placed on separation of wastes into hazardous and non-hazardous categories at the point of waste generation, and safe handling and disposal.

WE International’s analysis showed that waste management costs can be significantly reduced through safe management practices.



WE International drafted national health care waste regulations on behalf of the Ministry of Health which, among other things, will require safe waste management practices in all health care settings nationwide and will ban waste incineration in central and provincial hospitals.

The regulations have been enacted by Ministerial Decision and are currently being rolled out by the Ministry of Health.

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