Shahriar Bin Rasul

Pic Shahriar Bin RasulShahriar Bin Rasul is a qualified chemist with 20 years of experience in drinking-water and environmental sectors.

His experience has touched upon a broad range of issues such as arsenic mitigation, water quality monitoring, laboratory development, quality assurance, development of appropriate environmental technologies and mitigation of environmental problems.

Mr. Bin Rasul currently specializes in Water Safety Planning (WSP) and Water Quality Surveillance (WQS) in urban piped water supply systems in his home country of Bangladesh.

Mr. Bin Rasul achieved Water Safety Plan Master Trainer certification through the WHO South-East Asia Regional Office certification program.

In collaboration with WHO, he facilitated many WSP training programs in Bangladesh and participated as team member in WHO’s external audit of Bangkok Metropolitan Waterworks Authority’s WSP.

He has also carried out project planning, design and monitoring, baseline study and project evaluation of various international development partners’ projects.

Mr. Bin Rasul has five scientific publications in peer reviewed international journals along with numerous proceedings on action research findings in different seminars and symposiums.


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