Saraswoti Thakuri

Pic Saraswoti ThakuriSaraswoti Thakuri is a public health professional from Nepal.

She did her master in public health from Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand. Ms. Saraswoti started her carrier as a haemodialysis nurse, became nurse trainer, and gained practical hands-on experience working on health care waste management at ground and field level.

Through 15-years of experience working with the Health Care Foundation, Saru gained expert knowledge on developing facility level health care waste management system, implementing occupational health and safety program and improving WASH in health care facilities during disaster situations.

She has a wide range of experience working from small to large health care facilities in both urban and rural settings.

Ms. Saraswoti served as a consultant for various international development partners in her home country of Nepal as well as Bhutan, India, and Indonesia. Her clients include USAID, WHO, UNDP, the Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation, Health Care Without Harm, Family Health International and others.

Ms. Thakuri has extensive knowledge on behavioural related research in the field of waste management and WASH in health care.


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