S.K. Weragoda

Pic SK Weragoda

Dr. S.K. Weragoda is a civil and environmental engineer with highly specialized knowledge and experience on water and wastewater treatment processes.

He has over 20-years of experience in water and wastewater treatment project planning, design, implementation and operation; as well as rich experience in water treatment research with more than fifty peer reviewed scientific publications to his credit.

Dr. Weragoda currently leads Sri Lanka’s national Water Safety Plan program.

He is certified by WHO as a master WSP trainer and WSP auditor and is widely recognized as one of the leading WSP experts in the Asia Pacific region. In addition to his extensive experience in his home country of Sri Lanka, Dr. Weragoda has extensive experience in collaborative research together with experts in Japan and Thailand.

Dr. Weragoda currently serves as Project Director for Sri Lanka’s China Granted Research project, which is valued at USD16 million.


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