Nimesh Dhakal

6Mr. Nimesh Dhakal is an Associate of Water & Environment International, LLC having more than ten years’ experience in South and Southeast Asia on general waste management and specialized expertise on health care waste management (HCWM).

He is presently leading a donor-funded project for improvement of municipal waste management in Tajikistan, having previously led a similar municipal waste management project in Lalitpur, Nepal.

Mr. Dhakal has supported numerous health care waste management projects at national, provincial and local level in his home country of Nepal as well as Indonesia and Lao PDR. Mr. Dhakal has served as a consultant the European Union, WHO, USAID, and several international and national NGO’s.

Mr. Dhakal holds masters and bachelor degrees in environmental science and a certificate in HCWM from the Indira Gandhi Open University


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