Jay Tecson

Pic Jay TecsonJay Tecson has 22 years of experience in civil works including 15 years of development work involving central and local governments, water and wastewater service providers in Asia, and utilities from the US, Australia, and Japan.

He has extensive exposure to municipal infrastructure development projects and has worked on many and varied development projects. He has also extensive exposure to the design and application of participatory and multi-stakeholder approaches.

He has facilitated many multi-sectoral and multi-level workshops; has done practice on technical and process analysis, monitoring, and evaluation of infrastructure and social projects in project development activities for local governments; Has been involved in the conduct of technical researches, validation activities, technology assessments, preparation of project studies and technical and costing proposals, coaching, and environmental assessments, done practice on the development of training modules and design of capacity development programs.

He has facilitated various works on policy development and review and has been consulted in many policies on water and sanitation in the Philippines and in other Asian cities, managed varied water utility partnerships including program design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation under domestic, regional and inter-regional arrangements.

He has recently done utility partnerships and programs on Climate Change Adaptation, Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, Crisis Management, and Emergency Response and has developed and promoted the use of the Water Safety Planning process.

He is now the current elected President of the Philippine Ecological Sanitation Network (PEN), a network of Philippine-based sanitation and hygiene institutions and individuals, who are working for improving the sanitation and hygiene conditions in the Philippines through unified action and cooperation. He has direct experience in Southeast and South Asian countries.


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